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Patients have personal and family help for HEALTH at their fingertips They can message their doctors, attend e-visits, complete questionnaires, schedule appointments, and be more involved in managing their health.

Patients in the hospital can use a tablet to stay in touch with their care team, review their schedule, access personalized patient education materials. and request help.

Prospective patients can become new patients through easy online scheduling.

NASACI and its strategy partners provides you the EMR application software for a health office-based system that enables a physician in a walk-in and a family doctor to record all pertinent medical information history or gathered during a latest patient’s visit. All process runs on the doctors’ private virtual machines which are shielded. All doctors’ servers are linked directly to the doctor’s desk over a private cloud; YOUR CLOUD.

An innovative HEALTH PLATFORM is an innovative ONLINE system that works seamlessly to simplify and streamline your clinic needs and process. The VISION HEALTH PLATFORM updates and appears in real-time and, you and your doctor can easily work around your health situation using innovative Windows Video Desktop features. Working for health has never been easier.

An innovative touch capable appointment booking that works seamlessly to simplify and streamline your clinic’s booking process. Appointments will update and appear in real-time and, you can easily move around appointments using the drag-and-drop features. Working with your appointments has never been easier.

The Information that is only available to the doctor and to authorized health personnel will include and not limited to:

  • Patient’s personal and private details included and not limited to Health Card Information.
  • Patient’s weight
  • Patient’s blood pressure
  • Patient’s clinical information, previously hand-written and transferred to a digital form.
  • At request of our health professionals’ customers NASACI makes available patient’s complete health record, including information from other health care providers.
  • Historical patient’s private lifetime records of a person’s health and health care history; lab results, medication profiles, other key clinical reports such as hospital discharge summaries, diagnostic images X-Rays, Imaging processing, CT scan, MRI scans if applicable for planning surgeries such as spinal fusions, states spine-health immunization history.
  • Physicians, clinics authorized personnel can have applications and access to customized lab medical forms not limited to: Cytogenetics requisitions, OAHPP influenza laboratory surveillance reports, hematology, platelet, pediatric laboratory medicine, molecular genetics and much more. NASACI EMR services will provide you a bank of laboratory forms or customized lab formats requisition forms at request of a doctor in coordination with his/her preferred laboratory.

    • - All data is stored out of the doctor or clinics in its own Storage Space, (NASACI hyperconverged platforms). Long term storage requirements go to the AZURE - Microsoft storage memory disk at request of the doctor and managed by NASACI IT Engineering and technical personnel.
    • - NASACI proved with shielded virtual machines (servers) to protect confidential and private information. Only doctors using a protected user name and password can access to this information. YES, only the owner of the Shielded Virtual Machine (server) can authorize access to other staff, including access right to a technical system administrator for a determined time.

The EMR system handles the entire patient life cycle to save considerable time daily by simplifying key if not all tasks such as patient consultations, consent forms, laboratory reports, medical questionnaires, procedures photos and much more. NASACI Engineering and Data Scientist teams take advantages of Microsoft M-365, TEAMS, Share Point otherwise that minimized image processing to record and store long files in your assigned memory for your patients. In addition, the physician will be able to share information with specialist in real time basis with a prominent level of Privacy and Cyber-Security.

NASACI Engineers and Data Scientist are in line of constant technology development and changes. It becomes and integrated process among patient records, diagnostics and even what people behavior and attitude are.

Technology impacting medical care:

  • Technology that is improving all aspects of doctor’s work and patient care.
  • Smart medical spaces not limited to telemedicine instruments and remote interoperability with other doctors or specialist if needed. Therefore, integration of personal devices into healthcare are also included. (IOT)
  • Improved security for information and devices, (Cyber-security)
  • Reduce patient costs in the event of needing Medical Records while patient is at home, in another city, in a health emergency otherwise.
  • NASACI is aware of the fact that health care future is digital; thus, new technologies will integrate even wearable devices into patient’s healthcare, streamline and improve processes and, cut waste-reducing costs, improving care and creating happier and healthier patients while medical doctors also are supported by our systems and software products with our National and International Software Development partners.
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