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For the Hospitality-Restaurant "POS" Solutions

NASACI Engineering, its International Software professionals partners, International POS/Cash Registers, Thermal Receipt Printers, Portable Receipt Printer secure cashbox, barcode scanners, Handheld Data Collectors, and Android devices for your attendant personnel provides you a complete set of technogy needs to run your business

NASACI datacenter systems, platforms and professionals provide your restaurant business with the Shielded Virtual Machines servers to handle your cash register terminals, your mobility solutions for better guest services and up-sell your menus, table availability and allocation, control your cash flow, payroll, promotions, registering all your customers, provide discounts, home delivery, setting menu pricing income and expenses, daily, weekly, quaertely, yearly balance access by the authorized person by PIN., and much more in a Customized Resource Management CMR system. All with a strong technical support and customer services in Canada, in India, in China, in South America. Therefore, your Small Business is fully protected.

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