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NASACI provides and delivers YOUR SERVERS/ shielded, scalable virtual machines from its DATA CENTER right up to your business work place over a secure encrypted Internet link and a secure and encrypted Wi-Fi AP (Access points); all under strict security technical monitoring system.Your SERVERS/VMs can be UNIX/LINUX, Windows Server or even other servers that offer special interface. NASACI uses the MICROSOFT INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES (IIS).

NASACI SERVER/VM services are for running your customized SOFWARE APPLICATIONS delivered by NASACI Engineers and its International programing software developers professionals and data scientist.

YOUR SHIELDED VM means that NOBODY can access neither your server not the data; only you as the owner or authorized operator. It is only the owner, allowed system administrator or authorize operator who can enable other user to access your applications, accessing your information is allowed by registering the name and personal details of the person who is accessing your virtual machine/server, and is for the time you want somebody else to access your servers and you consider it is needed. In addition, all your information is fully encrypted.

YOUR business SERVERS (VMs) boot quickly and have a consistently high performance running on the latest MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVERS 2016-2019 Operative System. You can select industry leading SSD (memory)to make your workloads fast, efficient and secure.


NASACI gives you all your needed IT infrastructure at very low price, it’s just tailored for your business needs in line and with related product and service packages that are consistent to all your technical needs delivered by NASACI professionals and technology systems we use for our turn key software and hardware solutions. Therefore, you pay for what you need to run your business and make YOURS BUSINESS PROFITABLE.

NASACI takes care of secure replicasfor as backups and for any DISASTER RECOVERY purposes only, whether they are incidental data loose otherwise linking with AZURE MICROSFOT in CANADA. Thus, your data is secure.

YOUR BUSINESS has technical support for the hours of your operations. Our network is under strict cybersecurity surveillance for all allowable service entities: firmware, processors, software, networking related appliances with a consistent alerting system in line of Microsoft system/software configurations and computing technology vendors.

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